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Skyscene is an Aerial Imaging company that specializes in aerial survey and mapping utilizing a fixed wing micro UAV platform. We can cover thousands of acres a day providing 2d Orthomosaics, Contour Maps, 3D Densified Pointclouds as well as having the ability to calculate all volumetrics on the property such as cut, fill, and total volume. These metrics are far greater than traditional ground survey because we can place an XYZ coordinate on every inch of the property getting an extremely accurate measurement.

All our data can be exported into any CAD or GIS program such as Maptek Vulcan, MineSight, Auto Desk, Arc GIS, Erdas, AgPixel, SMS, Quick Terrain Modeler, Trimble Realworld, Bentley, Esri, and many more . Our orthomosaics can also be overlaid into GIS,Google Earth and many other programs. All of our information and pictures are georeferenced with precise coordinates. We can execute a flight, collect data, process, and have the final product within 24-48 hours.

Some Of Our Clients

Wounded Warrior Project
State Farm
Hawthorne Cat
Groovy Like A Movie
Century 21
CBS Sports
Solar Tech
Thrive Kaiser Permanente
Reno Construction
United States Marine Corps
Lorimar Group
Life Rolls On
Event Avision
GC Creative
DR Horton

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