As a new method of raster data collection, UAS technology effectively complements existing techniques, fitting between large-area satellite/manned aircraft imagery and smaller coverage, time-consuming, but highly accurate terrestrial approaches:

  • From a delivery time standpoint, Our UAS’s allow us to take to the skies virtually whenever our service is needed. – collecting the geo-referenced images you require without the hassle of booking and waiting for manned aircraft or satellite imagery. We plan, fly, download the data, and Skyscene can process your raster data the same day.
  • In terms of resolution, our systems can achieve orthomosaic/3D Point-Cloud of roughly 1-3x GSD, or down to 3 cm (1.2 in) per pixel – significantly higher than current satellite and manned aircraft can attain.
  • Plus, due to the lower altitudes at which our unmanned aircraft typically fly, cloud cover is not an issue, meaning fewer weather delays and less unusable imagery.
  • Whatever field you work in – forestry, asset management, environmental protection, agriculture, humanitarian, remote sensing, oil and gas or another – Skyscene can provide very real benefits, providing accurate data, quickly and cost-effectively.

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